What our clients say

  • Mike

    Personal client

    I have been working with my investments and pension portfolio with Adam for close to 15 years and with Compass Financial since Adam set it up in 2009. To be honest, he and his business are the only people I would totally trust with my funds today. This year I am close to retiring and I can honestly say the investment performance, even taking into account their fees and the ups and downs over the last 10 years, have far exceeded my expectations in terms of what we planned for and what is actually now available that I can draw upon as a pension and for ready cash to live very comfortably.

    Adam cares about his clients, takes time to explain how things work, is continually improving the service and is honest to the point of caution in predicting potential of a clients fund.

    This has given both myself and my wife total confidence in how our investments are managed and I love the way now I can see how the investments are performing regularly on line at my convenience.

    I would highly recommend both Adam and Compass Financial if you want to be confident in your Financial Adviser and clear on how your investments and pension will perform.

    Thanks Adam for how you have enabled us to be more than comfortable in our next phase of life.

  • Dawn

    Personal client

    I have known Adam Stubbings for many years and had no hesitation in becoming one of his first clients in 2009 when he set up Compass Financial. Since then Adam and his team at Compass have managed my investments in a way that always exceeds my expectations. I am very happy with the advice given over the years and I have so much confidence in them as a company that I did not hesitate to refer two of my closest friends to Compass and I know they are also very pleased with the advice and service they receive.

  • Susan

    Personal client

    I have known Adam Stubbings for the past five years and can but praise the service I have experienced.

    Adam has a very commendable structured approach which is delivered in an informal, confident, open and honest manner. His retention of an individual's personal circumstances, which extends to their nuclear family, is a unique quality and enables him to be very proactive in tailoring the offer to his clients, especially during periods of change.

    He is very reactive to both market changes and those of an individual's personal circumstances. Having had experience of this over the years, each change has resulted in a review of my portfolio to best suit the new situation as once Adam is informed of the changes, he takes immediate and appropriate action.

    The best compliment that I can bestow on Adam is that, where my finances are concerned, I no longer worry about my past, present or future.

  • Mark


    I have been the owner and Director of my own IT Consultancy business for 13 years and have known Adam Stubbings most of this time. Although initially we met through cave diving, I had no hesitation in approaching Adam and engaging him as my Financial Adviser when I needed someone I could trust to sort out my personal finances.

    At the beginning he advised me with some pension money I had in an old employer's pension scheme. Today, as a father with a young family I have peace of mind as he manages my personal pensions, investments and has also sorted out my life assurance so I do not need to worry about my family's future security if anything should happen to me.

    Although I no longer cave dive I have dived many underwater cave systems around the world with Adam as my buddy, so I know he can be trusted.

  • Amanda

    Personal Client

    It was with some trepidation that I first contacted Compass after they had bought out the company my Mother’s investments were originally managed through. Added to the ongoing demands of managing my Mother's finances on her behalf there was a new contact to get to know and a pandemic standing in the way of a more conventional face to face introduction. Challenging times! How surprising and welcome then to find that my contact at Compass, Jack Lord, was engaging, a great listener and perhaps most importantly proactive in helping me release funds for my mother’s care. He took the time to understand my reasoning, explore the options available and advise me with simple clear instructions. Since March 2020 I’ve lost count how many times companies excuse their poor communication by blaming Covid19. No such issue with Compass, and when dealing with financial planning well beyond my own knowledge or experience that has to be one of the biggest comforts.

  • Claire

    Personal Client

    I have been a client of Adam Stubbings at Compass Financial for a few years now and I find him to be approachable, helpful and understanding of my needs and aspirations. I feel very confident about the advice Adam provides me and the actions he has taken on my behalf. All the information provided to me is clear, transparent and I am updated every step of the way with excellent attention to detail. Adam displays a wealth of knowledge and experience and I am delighted with where my finances are to date. If you are looking for first class, honest and friendly service, I wholeheartedly recommend Adam and his team, knowing they’ll be in very safe hands.

  • Charles

    Personal Client

    I would like to thank Jack Lord for the level of commitment and service he has shown in our dealings. It’s nice to be able to obtain a rapport and confidence in the person offering the advice, which is needed to ensure your financial future is in good hands.